Friday, July 15, 2022

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Adele Shocks Fans With Unplanned Stripper Pole Routine

For some reason, Adele’s recent pole dancing appearance at a UK club has sparked an online frenzy among the singer’s legions of followers.

The “Hello” singer took the stage with Ru Paul’s Drag Race star Cheryl Hole to judge the weekly Porn Idol competition at Heaven nightclub in London.

The 33-year-old judged the Soho club’s stripping contest, in which the winner receives a monetary prize, following her three wins at the Brit Awards on Tuesday.

About the Event

This is the first time in our lives that we’re thankful that we aren’t Adele. On Thursday night, the British singer was photographed partying at Heaven nightclub in London, where she performed at a G-A-Y event. The mother of one displayed her wild side by swinging seductively around a stripper pole (and even fell over at one point). We can only assume she’s feeling a little sluggish today!

After appearing on Graham Norton’s show, Adele joined Cheryl Hole at Heaven, a prominent gay club, where she performed. Since the Daily Mail stated that she utterly stunned club management by showing up at the back entrance, it doesn’t sound like anyone was expecting to see the award-winning performer at the event.

Before she realized she was being recognized by her fellow revelers, Adele spent some time drinking on one of the club’s top levels, according to eyewitnesses Inquiringly, “How can everyone recognize me?” Adele was caught on camera crying as she asked the crowd.

Adele Pole Dance Video

Videos have emerged of Adele in the audience singing along to “It’s Raining Men” before stepping up on stage and performing a few moves on the pole to the delight of the adoring crowd.

With her bra exposed, she next revealed that she had torn a hole in her jacket.

Adele hurried to the stage after a night of heavy drinking and joined Cheryl in judging a stripping contest, where Cheryl enabled her to choose the winner. Following her announcement of the winner, Adele asked Cheryl for assistance in keeping her blouse in place. She said, “I’ve been wetting myself, and my top has come apart.” See the video of Adele pole dancing below:

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