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Billie Eilish Makes A Response Kanye West’s Demand for Apology Ahead of Coachella

After Kanye West demanded she apologize to fellow rapper Travis Scott for an incident at one of her shows, Billie Eilish is clearing the air and putting Kanye West in his place.

Back Story of the Events

During the “Happier Than Ever” globe tour, Eilish gave a concert in the State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia, over the weekend. The native Angeleno noticed a concertgoer was having trouble breathing during the performance.

When Eilish’s concert was interrupted by a group of fans in distress, she paused the show to help them and instructed her team to give her an inhaler. Inhaler in hand, Eilish waited for the fan to stabilize before requesting some privacy from the rest of the audience.

Finally, Eilish gave her a hug and said to the crowd, “I wait for people to be OK before I keep going,” before continuing on with her performance.

Video of the touching scene has gone viral after it was captured on camera. For example, Eilish interrupted her act in 2021 at the Governors Ball Festival to help a concertgoer in need, like she has done many times in the past.

Kayne Demands Apology or Will Pullout of Coachella

Rapper West moved to social media a few days after Eilish’s viral moment to call her out for allegedly dissing Scott. Coachella 2022 will include Eilish and Ye as the festival’s opening and closing acts, respectively.

As part of his apology-demanding tweet, Scott provided a screenshot of a blog headline that claimed Eilish had insulted him at her concert. In Kanye’s own words,

Billie Has Now Fired Back on Social Media

Eilish quickly agreed to Ye’s request, putting an end to the accusations. Travis has never been mentioned in any of her writings,” she wrote. helped a fan out because I wanted to be a good neighbor.”

Since then, her comment has earned over 20,000 likes, demonstrating the ardent support of her followers.

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