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Looking Back at Logan Paul Trying to Impress Star Alexandra Daddario and Fails Miserably

Logan Alexander Paul is a well-known reddit user from the United States who is known primarily for his vines, comedy, boxing and high-budget stunt videos. Logan Paul has amassed a large following on social media after years of putting out high-quality content. Logan Paul is one of the most popular social media characters of our era, from YouTube to Instagram.

In addition to generating YouTube videos, Paul has dabbled in a variety of other fields, such as business, investing, and even fighting. However, as much as everyone enjoys Logan’s work, there is a desire among fans to see more of Logan’s private life. Many of your millions of fans are naturally curious in your private life.

This is Logan Paul’s popular 2017 YouTube video, in which Paul tries to impress Hollywood beauty Alexandra Daddario, but he fails terribly.

Logan Paul Nervously Asks Alexandra Daddario Out

Logan Paul asks Alexandra Daddario out on a date in the vlog. While he’s asking her out, Paul can be seen getting a little anxious. Paul’s vlogs are where he asks her out, because he captures everything. After the shoot, it became apparent that Alexandra had no desire to go on a date with Paul at all. Alexandra’s response was awkward, as she tells Logan Paul no in the funniest way she knows how.

The YouTuber remarked to her when he was asking her out, “Everyone is grabbing lunch by now but I am actually going to ask Alex on a date so here we go. Alex hi, hey how are you? Before you go I had a question. Do you like pizza?”

Daddario in reply says “No, I don’t, I don’t, I actually I can’t eat bread or cheese or tomatoes.” Ouch!

Never one to give up, or maybe missing the hint, Paul continues “Would you like to hang out sometime or something like together.” At which point Alex shuts him down saying “Oh my god. No I can’t, I am sorry.” before walking away.

Later, Logan Paul emphasized that it was all a prank and shifted the conversation. Logan Paul has come a long way since his early days on the internet. No signs of slowing down in the near future. In addition, Logan Paul has been consistently putting out high-quality content for his fans since 2016. This is Logan Paul’s current number of subscribers on YouTube: 24 million, followed by 22.1 million people on Instagram.

About Alexandra Daddario

Alexandra Daddario is a famous actress who has been working in the entertainment industry. She began her acting career in 2006 and was involved with various movies and television series such as Baywatch and White Lotus. Her work in the TV series White Lotus was well-received by the viewers and critics. She is a big supporter of animal rights group PETA, which is also something that I am very passionate about because it’s my first love as well!

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